Public computer management WEBKIOSK

Securing public access computers in public digital spaces and libraries

Liste des usagers - Webkiosk

Patron management and Automated Library System (or ILS) synchronization

WEBKIOSK software integrates with your ILS database system to validate users with a unique ID.

Managing and securing workstations and tablets

Define users daily and weekly quotas (session time limits and pages to print).
Application preferences and system settings cannot be modified.

Gestion des postes - Webkiosk
Filtrage - Webkiosk

Internet filtering and WiFi

Secure your internet access: use pre-defined lists that comply with the legislation in your country or create your own lists of authorized and prohibited websites.
Using the Captive WiFi portal, users may join your Library WiFi with their own equipment.

CUSTOMIZE USERS’ DESKTOPSYou can add applications you want to propose to users and adapt them to the graphic charter of your screens.

Public computer and space reservation

Any staff member can schedule time slots for the reservation of computers or spaces, during library opening hours.

Réservations - Webkiosk
Ateliers - Webkiosk


Provide training sessions using our workshop account management tool.
Carry out a pedagogical follow-up of users to improve the management of your workshops.


Centralize users print jobs on a dedicated computer to ensure privacy and a better organization.

Console d'impression - Webkiosk

MANAGE MULTIPLE SITES FROM A UNIQUE INTERFACEEach location can be managed individually (opening hours, user accounts…)

Contrôle à distance - Webkiosk

Remote computer access and control

Follow the students and users’ work on workstations.
Take control over the workstations and help individual patrons directly from a remote location.


Aesis provides maintenance and software management services of WebKiosk and your public computers. Updates are regularly performed.

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Statistiques - Webkiosk


Track usage statistics of workstations, users, and the use of the internet.
Configure and export reports to generate customized statistics.

WE GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO STARTWebkiosk is a pre-configured and turnkey ready solution.
Nothing is installed on computers, everything is managed from the WK-BOX!