Public access computer management software solution Horigami

For the management of your digital public spaces and multimedia spaces

Usagers horigami - Aesis Conseil

Users and groups of users

Save information about the identity of your users, their name and contact information, and their typology.
This data generates statistics allowing you to precisely state the traffic in your digital space.

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Create scenarios based on specific criteria (objectives, skills, requirements) then plan, consult and manage your workshops. Get a complete follow-up on registrations and of the assignment of resources.

Affecter un atelier Horigami - Aesis Conseil
Forfaits Horigami - Aesis Conseil

Rates and packages

Set-up and manage the computers’ access rates and packages to suit your needs:


1 month free trial!Import the database of your public computer space and take advantage of a free 30-day trial.

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Computers and room management

Add computers, manage your rooms and make reservations for users or groups of users.

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Planning sur Horigami - Aesis Conseil


Assign resources to workshops and reservations, and get direct access to the daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Quickly view the program of your space and optimize your rooms.

Planning sur Horigami - Aesis Conseil


Create and administrate facilitators in your digital environment: identity, contact information, skills. View their status and upcoming events.

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2 new modules!ILS (Integrated Library System) synchronization and web filtering.

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Control computers

Manage your computer room in real-time: users connect with their personal login information. At any time, the facilitator may act remotely on each computer station:

send messages to users
modify information entered by the user
help and control

Console d'administration Horigami - Aesis Conseil

Admin console

Monitor your public computer stations: at any time, you will have an accurate view of the computers that are available, occupied or pre-booked.

Console d'administration Horigami - Aesis Conseil
Importer des données sur Horigami - Aesis Conseil


Easily import and export data:

users and groups of users
participations in workshops

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Maintenance - Horigami - Aesis Conseil

Maintenance service

Aesis Conseil provides assistance, maintenance and regular updates of your Horigami Solution:

online support 24/7

Forum Horigami - Espace d’échange et de partage - Aesis Conseil


Share resources via a space for exchange and information sharing, live chat and theme forum… keep your network alive!

Forum Horigami - Espace d’échange et de partage - Aesis Conseil
Votre espace - Horigami - Aesis Conseil

Your digital environment

Create your own environment: identity, opening hours, activities offered and the settings of the administration interface.

OPEN ACCESS WITH KAMIKami self-assignment plugin allows users to access computer stations autonomously.