« La réussite, c’est un peu de savoir, un peu de savoir-faire et beaucoup de faire-savoir. » [ Jean Nohain ]

Our Webkiosk solution runs on Linux, which is an operation system like Windows.
Linux comes in several distributions. We chose the Ubuntu distribution because it is easy to use and has proven its efficiency in terms of integration in the French administrations (French National Assembly, the state police…).
In order to run Webkiosk, we needed an operation system that could meet certain requirements such as security, and user’s rights.
As you can see, GNU/Linux is a free open-source operation system: you will not have to pay for a license in addition to the installation of Webkiosk.
Here again, our purpose is clear: you only pay for your specific needs. It is out of the question for us to charge for additional licenses when the only service you really need is the maintenance of your public computers.

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